Boulevard Landscaping

Effective:            August 30, 2012

Policy Statement:

That prior to landscaping or planting on the boulevard, the abutting property owner will present a diagram to Town Council for approval.

Town Council will consider how the plan affects public safety and municipal activities such as street sweeping, snow removal, driveway clearing, water/sewer lines and service connections.  Special consideration will be given to avoid the planting of trees that are susceptible to Dutch Elm Disease, etc.

Landscaping/planting can proceed upon Council’s formal approval.  The Town will not be responsible for damage to any item placed on the boulevard including driveways, fences, shrubs, ornaments, planters, irrigation, etc.  The Town will not be responsible for the removal or pruning of any dead/damaged/diseased item placed on the boulevard.


To address potential problems that landscaping sometimes causes. 


Boulevard – Town property located between the roadway and the property line.  This area is typically maintained by the property owner.