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Town of Rocanville welcomes you!

Rocanville is a community located in Southeast Saskatchewan on the #8 Highway just 5 minute drive away from the Nutrien Rocanville Potash mine, one of the largest potash mines in the world!

Rocanville offers a wide range of ammenities including:

  • Indoor Aquatic Centre
  • Newly constructed Nutrien Community Hall
  • Groomed Cross-Country Ski Trails
  • Wide-range of businesses and services

Rocanville is a growing community perfect for anyone seeking small town charm backed by industrial growth.

Town of Rocanville

Community Calendar

The Rocanville community calendar is published at the beginning of every month. It includes information pertaining to Rocanville's recreation facilities, services offered, items for sale and so much more!

For more information on contributing to the monthly newsletter contact the Rocanville Recreation Office: Phone 306-645-2164 E-mail

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Town of Rocanville

Community Map

A downloadable street map of Rocanville that includes:

  • Business locations
  • Recreation facility locations
  • Tourism attractions
  • Directions to out of town businesses and tourist attractions


Town of Rocanville

Community Notices

Rocanville Aquatic Centre Referendum

Will my taxes increase if we continue with the renovation project?
It is possible that your taxes could increase. The increase would be at a MAXIMUM of $700/year ($59/month). If taxes do increase, they would be reviewed yearly. The Town, Rec office, and Pool Fundraising Board are working very hard to prevent taxes from increasing by filling out grant applications, looking for sponsors and donations, and fundraising.

Can’t we take the roof off the pool and convert it to an outdoor pool?
The grant that we are receiving is for a refurbishment of the existing building. If we were to convert our pool to an outdoor pool, we would likely lose the grant money. Converting our existing pool to an outdoor pool would also be a costly project as we would still require a mechanical room, change rooms, and admission/office. Outdoor pools have smaller operating seasons, and many surrounding communities have outdoor pools so we would lose our uniqueness.

Profit and Loss statement? Will the pool be self-sustaining?
Pools in general are not money makers and require ongoing fundraising to keep them sustainable. We are providing a service by having a pool in our community. The pool is a drawing card for families to choose our community for their home and helps to generate revenue for our local businesses. When people visit our community to use any of our facilities the hope is that they will also visit some of our stores.

Will we be asked for more tax dollars once the new facility is here?
No, the $700 tax increase would be a worst-case scenario and taxes will not be increased further to support the pool. If the pool requires further support that would be donethrough fundraising, grants, donations, etc.

What will happen with the money that has been raised so far if the referendum does not go through?
Any money remaining after paying the engineering fees would be divided up amongst our operating facilities.

If we do not go ahead with the refurbishments, will we be able to continue to use the facility as it is?
Highly unlikely. Our facility is at the end of its life cycle. We need to do these renovations to save our pool. We have looked at just putting in a liner or just putting in a new air exchange etc but after some thought, we realize that doesn’t make sense. A liner alone will not help with our humidity issue. The humidity the pool is experiencing is creating a mold problem and is wreaking havoc on the equipment in our mechanical room. If we skip the liner and put in the air exchange, we will not solve our leak problem. The leak in the pool is substantial. Constantly adding water is expensive and leads to us having to spend more to heat and keep the water balanced with chemicals. The overall structure of the building is also at the end of its lifecycle.

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Town of Rocanville

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Town of Rocanville

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